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  1. Formula E’s first visit to a proper American racetrack saw packed stands

    We found a lot to be optimistic about for the all-electric racing series.

  2. How we host Ars Technica in the cloud, part two: The software

    A deep dive into the applications and functions that keep Ars humming along in the cloud.

  3. The IBM mainframe: How it runs and why it survives

    In this deep-dive explainer, we look at a big-business mainstay.

  4. The ‘90s Internet: When 20 hours online triggered an email from my ISP’s president

    1998 plea for restraint reveals a lost world where the 'Net was an opt-in experience.

  5. Behind the scenes: How we host Ars Technica, part one

    Join us on a multipart journey into our place in the cloud!

  6. How long will the last Intel Macs be supported? macOS Sonoma gives us some hints

    Nearly 20 years of data show how Intel Macs are faring as Apple switches chips.

  7. Why AI detectors think the US Constitution was written by AI

    Can AI writing detectors be trusted? We dig into the theory behind them.

  8. Pixel Fold review: The first foldable that actually feels like a tablet

    Google takes foldable software to the next level, and it makes a big difference.

  9. It’s Amazon Prime Day: The best deals to everything awesome we could find

    We'll be adding deals throughout the day, so check back when you can!

  10. We can leave the Solar System, but arriving anywhere is not happening soon

    What if we dropped interstellar ambitions and focused on understanding our home system?

  11. Gears Technica: The keyboards and mice our editors swear by

    Check out the peripherals the Ars staff relies on to game and stay productive.

  12. Going deep with the Book 8088, the brand-new laptop that runs like it’s 1981

    Stolen BIOS, stolen software, and half-busted hardware. But still... kind of neat?

  13. The 2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre proves EVs make the best luxury cars

    We drive Rolls-Royce's first electric car, which was 123 years in the making.

  14. Reddit API changes are imminent. Here’s what’s happening to your favorite apps [Updated]

    Ars spoke to devs about their apps' future & what they learned from this ordeal.

  15. Into the rivers and through the woods: Specialized’s e-mountain bike

    Specialized's electric mountain bike was more than good enough to hook our reviewer.

  16. GeForce RTX 4060 review: Not thrilling, but a super-efficient $299 workhorse

    60-class GPUs are Nvidia's most popular; the 4060 don't fix what ain't broke.

  17. RIP to my Pixel Fold: Dead after four days

    The closed display halves almost touch, and that can smash debris into the screen.

  18. NASA’s Mars Sample Return has a new price tag—and it’s colossal

    "It is better to not do it than to torch the whole science community."

  19. A threat to portable monitors everywhere: Lenovo Yoga Book 9i review

    Multitasking on a 13-inch laptop is much easier with 26.6 inches of screen.

  20. Drones take to the waves: Saildrones are getting data where people can’t

    They can monitor the Antarctic year round and sail straight into hurricanes.

  21. 50 Years of Text Games parses the rich history of a foundational genre

    Zork and MUD? Sure. But also Universal Paperclips, AI Dungeon, and Lifeline.

  22. The sleeper hits of Summer Game Fest 2023

    Games about time travel, foam spraying guns, and... space hospitals?

  23. As the Reddit war rages on, community trust is the casualty

    Ars spoke with community mods about where Reddit goes from here.

  24. Inside the battle to build a $1.2 billion fish barricade

    The Army Corps of Engineers aims to block invasive carp from the Great Lakes.

  25. Hackers can steal cryptographic keys by video-recording power LEDs 60 feet away

    Key-leaking side channels are a fact of life. Now they can be done by video-recording power LEDs.

  26. M2 Ultra Mac Studio review: Who needs a Mac Pro, anyway?

    The realities of Apple Silicon make the Studio the best bet for most pros.

  27. Review: Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air says what it is and is what it says

    Like the M2 Pro Mac mini, it's a bridge between Apple's low- and high-end Macs.

  28. I just bought the only physical encyclopedia still in print, and I regret nothing

    The still-updated World Book Encyclopedia is my antidote to the information apocalypse.

  29. Hands-on with Apple Vision Pro: This is not a VR headset

    This was the best headset demo I’ve ever seen. But there’s room for improvement.

  30. What to make of Apple’s intriguing $3,499 Vision Pro headset

    Some instant analysis of Apple's boldest product experiment in years.

  31. Blatant tech frauds run amok on the biggest online marketplaces

    If I can spot a fake SSD, why can't Walmart?

  32. Oppo Find N2 review: Beautiful hardware that Android just can’t deal with

    Square-screened Android devices don't play well with the app ecosystem.

  33. The Atlantic hurricane season has begun: What we know and what we don’t

    A little bit of preparation now will go a long way when a storm threatens.

  34. The “death of self-driving cars” has been greatly exaggerated

    GM’s Cruise aims to turn self-driving into a billion-dollar business.

  35. Diablo 4 review: Off to a hell of a good start

    Annoying-but-ignorable microtransactions can't ruin nigh-endless looter fun.

  36. Street Fighter 6 review: Great fun for both casual and dedicated players

    Capcom breathes new life into its classic fighting game franchise.

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