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  1. The 2023 Porsche Cayman GT4 RS is the best sports car on sale today

    Transplanting the 911 GT3's flat-six engine created a remarkable car.

  2. The milk float was the first truly successful last-mile delivery EV

    Last-mile delivery EVs are in hot demand in 2023, but they're nothing new.

  3. Formula E’s first visit to a proper American racetrack saw packed stands

    We found a lot to be optimistic about for the all-electric racing series.

  4. Tesla exaggerated EV range so much that drivers thought cars were broken

    Inundated with complaints, Tesla created "Diversion Team" to cancel appointments.

  5. Waymo kills off autonomous trucking program

    Ride-hailing will let Waymo focus on "near-term" commercial success.

  6. Ultra-fast niobium batteries boast 6-min charge for Lotus Elise-based EV

    Nyobolt's battery tech is meant for consumer applications, as well as EVs.

  7. Nissan and Renault revamp alliance with $663 million EV investment

    The 24-year alliance started to fray with the arrest of Carlos Ghosn in 2019.

  8. BMW uses autonomous cars for boring, repetitive tests

    Forget robotaxis, this is for precision and repeatability.

  9. Are the valet’s days numbered? We test BMW’s remote parking system

    So, who do you tip?

  10. Seven major automakers to build EV charging network with 30,000 chargers

    The chargers will support both CCS1 and NACS, with deployment starting in 2024.

  11. GM announces a new Ultium-based Chevrolet Bolt during Q2 report

    The much-loved affordable EV looked finished, but Chevy will build Bolt 2.0.

  12. Fed’s deadline comes and goes without Tesla’s reply to Autopilot questions

    NHTSA wants Tesla to provide info on software and hardware for all US-made cars.

  1. Watch out Porsche, Polestar is working on a proper Taycan rival

    It's a powerful electric four-door GT on an all-new bonded aluminum platform.

  2. The next Mazda MX-5 Miata might be an electric vehicle

    The next MX-5 is a couple of years away and will have some kind of e-motor.

  3. Tesla revenue grows to $25 billion, but margin shrinks in Q2 2023

    CEO Elon Musk claims another automaker may license the controversial FSD system.

  4. Nissan is the next automaker to adopt Tesla-style EV charging plugs

    From 2024, Nissan Ariyas will be able to use an adapter to charge at Superchargers.

  5. DC fits fleet of EVs with bogus gadget promising 60% range boost

    The Energy Management Module claims it can "rejuvenate a battery" somehow.

  6. Battery shortage forces GM to pause commercial EV production

    GM's efforts to scale up EV production are being hampered by supply issues.

  7. NHTSA investigating Tesla Autopilot after yet another fatal crash

    NHTSA has opened dozens of investigations into Tesla after more than 30 deaths.

  8. Owners of troubled VanMoof e-bikes get their software keys from rival company

    Belgian firm Cowboy gives VanMoof owners basic access after one-day hackathon.

  9. Ford gives the F-150 Lightning a big price cut as production ramps up

    This reverses some recent price increases for Ford's electric pickup truck.

  10. New EVs stagnate, used EV prices have dropped up to 38% this summer

    New cars are more expensive than ever, so cheap used EVs sound like a win.

  11. We drive a gilded lily: The 2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV

    The AMG treatment is overkill for this electric vehicle.

  12. Our big unanswered questions about the switch to Tesla-style EV plugs

    Will non-Teslas fit at Superchargers, and what about 3rd-party networks?

  1. Amazon has 5,000+ Rivian EV delivery vans on the road

    Amazon will also send Rivian vans to Germany.

  2. Review: Forcite’s MK1S smart helmet stays on your head, not in your face

    After many failed concepts, we find a smart helmet that actually works well.

  3. Volkswagen will start testing its driverless ID. Buzz in Austin, Texas

    The program will start with 10 ID. Buzzes with autonomous tech from Mobileye.

  4. This EV truckmaker is gigacasting its battery packs for longevity

    The powertrain has been designed and built in-house for a 450,000-mile life.

  5. The 2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre proves EVs make the best luxury cars

    We drive Rolls-Royce's first electric car, which was 123 years in the making.

  6. Into the rivers and through the woods: Specialized’s e-mountain bike

    Specialized's electric mountain bike was more than good enough to hook our reviewer.

  7. Two more EV charging networks will add support for Tesla-style NACS plugs

    Lots may be read into this news, as Electrify America is owned by Volkswagen.

  8. F1 battery tech features in Mercedes-AMG’s new S 63 plug-in hybrid

    Mercedes offers two S-Class PHEVs, and this is the one for going fast.

  9. Now Volvo is switching to Tesla’s charging plug

    And SAE International will make the specification a standard within 6 months.

  10. Tesla on Autopilot crashed into stopped truck during highway lane closure

    Tesla hit truck that was providing traffic control for a highway lane closure.

  11. EV startup Lordstown Motors files for bankruptcy protection

    Struggling company accuses Taiwanese group Foxconn of reneging on commitments.

  12. Lucid will supply Aston Martin with leading-edge electric powertrains

    The $450 million deal should see the next Aston Martin EV arrive in 2025.