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  1. Getting TIE Fighter: Total Conversion working is worth the hassle and the $10

    It has a 1999 engine, 2021 graphics, and that unmistakable '90s LucasArts feel.

  2. AMD Ryzen 7945HX3D could be a fast, super-efficient choice for your new gaming laptop

    The chip is only launching in a single laptop from Asus, at least for now.

  3. Redditors prank AI-powered news mill with “Glorbo” in World of Warcraft

    "Glorbo" isn't real, but a news-writing AI model didn't know it—and then it wrote about itself.

  4. 69% of Russian gamers are pirating after Ukraine invasion pushback

    Russian game development jobs also dry up after Russia's actions.

  5. Dolphin emulator abandons Steam release plans after Nintendo legal threat

    But dev team says including Wii decryption key doesn't put it in "any legal danger."

  6. Jagged Alliance 3 has smart tactics, goofy characters, stupid fun escapism

    24 years later, it's still fun to micromanage your ragtag soldiers of fortune.

  7. Pikmin 4 review: Falling in love with micromanagement

    You've never had so much fun keeping 100 unruly children on task.

  8. Exploring the ingenious science and science fiction of making things invisible

    Greg Gbur chats about his book Invisibility: The History and Science of How Not to be Seen.

  9. After months of competition complaints, Sony agrees to 10-year Call of Duty deal

    Move helps clear the way for final approval of Microsoft's Activision purchase.

  10. Game tutorials should be easily skipped. Why is that so hard?

    Let's talk about replay accessibility, not replay value.

  11. Bungie wins $489K from player for racist harassment of employee

    Ruling sets legal precedent for companies to recover costs from harassment campaigns.

  12. FTC appeal in Microsoft/Activision case shows US regulator isn’t giving up yet

    But stopping the deal from moving forward still looks like an uphill battle.

  1. These are the last Prime Day deals on Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation games

    From Tears of the Kingdom to Ghosts of Tsushima.

  2. How AI can make gaming better for all players

    Artificial intelligence can make gaming more accessible and learn what individuals need.

  3. Judge sides with Microsoft in FTC injunction, unlocking final Activision battles

    Companies' goodwill efforts, including Call of Duty sharing, were persuasive.

  4. 87% of classic games are out of print. That’s a problem for gaming history.

    VGHF's Phil Salvador talks to Ars about his groundbreaking game availability study.

  5. Developers restore “retail” Xbox emulators after Microsoft crackdown

    Dev says package uses new techniques to avoid automatic detection/banning.

  6. Guidemaster: PC games to keep the dream alive in a cross-platform world

    Only modest computer hardware is required to play these favorites.

  7. Denuvo wants to convince you its DRM isn’t “evil”

    COO says coming benchmarks will show anti-piracy tech has no performance impact.

  8. Generative AI in games will create a copyright crisis

    Titles like AI Dungeon are already using generative AI to generate in-game content.

  9. Mid-1990s Sega document leak shows how it lost the second console war to Sony

    "Another example of why we will eventually win," writes blissfully unaware CEO.

  10. Going deep with the Book 8088, the brand-new laptop that runs like it’s 1981

    Stolen BIOS, stolen software, and half-busted hardware. But still... kind of neat?

  11. Valve says Steam games can’t use AI models trained on copyrighted works

    "Legal uncertainty" over models means many devs can't establish "appropriate rights."

  12. 30 years later, Myst demake for Atari 2600 reminds us how far we’ve come

    Unofficial Myst port for 8-bit Atari 2600 gives the '90s adventure a '70s makeover.

  1. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will mine hours of auto-shooting joy from your life

    This Vampire-like converted a skeptic, even in its closed early-access form.

  2. Developer claims Steam is rejecting games with AI-generated artwork

    Valve cites unclear legal status, copyrighted training data in rejection message.

  3. Sharpie scanning goof reveals major PlayStation budgets and revenues

    It's not a good week for gaming companies trying to submit sensitive data.

  4. The Password Game will make you want to break your keyboard in the best way

    Creator offers a glimpse into how he made this fun, infuriating "Mess of RegEx."

  5. Nintendo offers vague answers on backward compatibility for “Switch 2”

    Reading the tea leaves on what could be a key feature for Nintendo's future.

  6. GeForce RTX 4060 review: Not thrilling, but a super-efficient $299 workhorse

    60-class GPUs are Nvidia's most popular; the 4060 don't fix what ain't broke.

  7. The Linux coders turning the ROG Ally and other handhelds into Steam Deck clones

    It's not an easy process, but it's getting close to a nearly full SteamOS feel.

  8. Bethesda exec was “confused” over double standard for multi-console Call of Duty

    CoD policy was "the opposite" of what Bethesda was "told to do... What's the difference?"

  9. Meta debuts PlayStation Plus-like Quest+ subscription

    Oddly, it won't offer subscribers access to an established library.

  10. Worries over Starfield “skipping Xbox” helped push Microsoft to buy Bethesda

    Spencer says PS5 exclusives like Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo spooked Xbox maker.

  11. Private email shows PlayStation chief unworried about Xbox-exclusive Call of Duty

    In FTC trial, Microsoft also downplays cloud gaming as "stuttering... tiny... niche."

  12. FTC: Xbox-exclusive Starfield is “powerful evidence” against Activision deal

    "Microsoft's actions following... acquisition of ZeniMax speak louder than... words."