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  1. Communal stargazing using your phone: The Unistellar eQuinox 2, reviewed

    Stargaze with up to 10 of your friends no matter how bad the light pollution is.

  2. Apple will require app devs to explain exactly why they use certain APIs

    Some seemingly innocuous APIs are misused to track users, Apple says.

  3. Reddit calls for “a few new mods” after axing, polarizing some of its best

    Will Reddit get quality replacements? "Not a snowball's chance in hell."

  4. Samsung’s profits are down 95 percent for a second consecutive quarter

    Samsung is still suffering under a glut of unsold memory chips.

  5. Devs aren’t allowed to let Apple’s Vision Pro dev kits out of their sight

    Dev kits often have restrictive terms, but Apple gets very specific this time.

  6. Apple Pencils can’t draw straight on third-party replacement iPad screens

    It's similar to the Face ID failures of the iPhone 13's screen, later fixed.

  7. AMD Ryzen 7945HX3D could be a fast, super-efficient choice for your new gaming laptop

    The chip is only launching in a single laptop from Asus, at least for now.

  8. Stability AI releases Stable Diffusion XL, its next-gen image synthesis model

    New SDXL 1.0 release allows hi-res AI image synthesis that can run on a local machine.

  9. Android phones can now tell you if there’s an AirTag following you

    Google says its own tracker ecosystem is on hold until iOS has the same protection.

  10. Waymo kills off autonomous trucking program

    Ride-hailing will let Waymo focus on "near-term" commercial success.

  11. The Browser Company’s unconventional browser, Arc, releases publicly on Mac

    It's still based on Chromium, but the user experience is quite different.

  12. Google says it will start downranking non-tablet apps in the Play Store

    Google's push for big screens will include a (hopefully dramatic) Play Store redesign.

  1. OpenAI discontinues its AI writing detector due to “low rate of accuracy”

    Research shows that any AI writing detector can be defeated—and false positives abound.

  2. Man open-sources the self-repairable AirPods Pro case that Apple won’t make

    The AirPods Pro "could have been easily made repairable with minimal effort."

  3. Windows, hardware, Xbox sales are dim spots in a solid Microsoft earnings report

    Company also expects to spend ever more money to support its ongoing AI efforts.

  4. Pocket assistant: ChatGPT comes to Android

    OpenAI brings the popular AI language model to an official Android client app.

  5. Samsung makes the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 official

    Samsung has a new fold-flat hinge, gives the Z flip a bigger screen.

  6. How developers will test their apps before Vision Pro launches

    Apple opened up access to three ways to test apps on real hardware.

  7. Android 4.4 KitKat is truly dead, loses Play Services support

    With Play Services gone, it's only a matter of time before you can't log in.

  8. Encryption-breaking, password-leaking bug in many AMD CPUs could take months to fix

    "Zenbleed" bug affects all Zen 2-based Ryzen, Threadripper, and EPYC CPUs.

  9. Jury orders Google to pay $339M for patent-infringing Chromecast 

    Google plans to appeal.

  10. ChatGPT’s new personalization feature could save users a lot of time

    Beta feature allows ChatGPT to remember key details with less prompt repetition.

  11. Google’s nightmare “Web Integrity API” wants a DRM gatekeeper for the web

    It's just a "proposal," but it's also being prototyped inside Chrome right now.

  12. AlmaLinux says Red Hat source changes won’t kill its RHEL-compatible distro

    Red Hat made being a 1:1 clone hard. So AlmaLinux is pivoting and speeding up.

  1. Apple releases iOS, iPadOS, and macOS updates to fix bugs and shore up security

    Previous-generation macOS and iOS versions get new security updates, too.

  2. Five cool features and one weird thing you’ll find in macOS 14 Sonoma

    Forget the headliners; let's talk about some less obvious stuff.

  3. The IBM mainframe: How it runs and why it survives

    In this deep-dive explainer, we look at a big-business mainstay.

  4. This LiDAR-equipped 30-pound robot dog can be yours for $1,600

    It's not quite as good as a Boston Dynamics bot, but it is a lot cheaper.

  5. IMAX emulates PalmPilot software to power Oppenheimer’s 70 mm release

    IMAX TikTok shows an emulated Palm PDA controlling Oppenheimer's 600-lb reel.

  6. Redditors prank AI-powered news mill with “Glorbo” in World of Warcraft

    "Glorbo" isn't real, but a news-writing AI model didn't know it—and then it wrote about itself.

  7. The ‘90s Internet: When 20 hours online triggered an email from my ISP’s president

    1998 plea for restraint reveals a lost world where the 'Net was an opt-in experience.

  8. No apologies as Reddit halfheartedly tries to repair ties with moderators

    Disenchanted mods Ars spoke with want change, not more communication.

  9. Report: Apple has already built its own ChatGPT-like chatbot

    The tool is being used internally by employees—with some major restrictions.

  10. Outlook for Windows app replaces Mail and Calendar in new Windows 11 preview

    Outlook for Windows client is still a preview with some missing features.

  11. Google demos “unsettling” tool to help journalists write the news

    "Genesis" will seek to assist journalists, not replace them—yet.

  12. Google’s latest price hike is for YouTube Premium, now $13.99 per month

    Move follows price increases to Family Plans, YouTube TV, Workspace, and Cloud.